In 2019, North South Design Studio was officially incorporated as an architectural and interior design studio, dedicated to providing well thought out, custom crafted and timeless design solutions. Our core aim is to enhance the natural, organic form in each design project, translating it into a fluid build that delicately balances the inside and outside, in terms of both light and shade as well as materials and textures. We like to keep our design style minimal, incorporating the warmth and personality that organic shapes and natural materials can bring to a project. 

We take great pride in the fact that every project we undertake, is backed by a meticulous, well-structured and highly collaborative method, where our clients feel included and well-informed throughout the whole process. Sharing and combining 15+ years of experience in our respective fields, we offer a full architectural and interior design service, tailored to each clients’ needs and requirements.

Representing the ‘north wing’ of our studio, is Finnish interior designer Anna Biese. After moving to London in 2007, she has continued to work within the interior design field gaining further experience from complex projects across a variety of sectors, including hospitality, commercial, exhibition design and particularly within residential sector. She plays the Brazilian martial art of Capoeira, enjoys hot weather and Latin rhythms.

Representing the ‘south wing’ of our studio, is Brazilian architect Renata Prado. She has worked with prestigious architecture and interior design studios in Sao Paulo, designing private residences. Since moving to London in 2009, she has been able to expand her knowledge, working with a variety of main and subcontractors involved in projects all over London and surrounding areas. Renata has a particular fondness for cold weather, Scandinavian design and bossa nova.