From concept to detailed design and final delivery, we will collaborate with you through the entire process to ensure that the project evolves according to your specific needs and requirements.


The best outcomes are the result of following each of the steps below to completion. At the end of the process, you will have not only a thoughtfully designed outcome, but the satisfaction of having collaboratively designed it.

Here is how each stage of our process unfolds:

Phase 0 - Strategic Definition

A free, no obligation consultation is the first step to ensure that we have your ideas captured from the start. We will arrange to meet you (ideally on site) to discuss your requirements for the project, and advise how we can assist. A detailed scope of services and design fee proposal will be sent out to you following our initial meeting.

Phase 1 - Preparation & Brief.

Once our proposal has been approved, a site survey of the existing premises will be carried out. We will collect all  information about the project which includes details about the site, any existing structure(s), codes, deed restrictions, site utilities, access, your budget and the programme. An existing conditions drawing will be drawn up, which will be used as the base for the start of our work.

Phase 2 - Concept Design.

We will  generate a couple of different layout options using all the information gathered in the previous step. These are not final ideas, they are meant to be conceptual and to incite new ideas and your feedback. Depending on the complexity of the project, it is advisable for a Quantity Surveyor to be consulted to obtain a cost estimate based on the layouts designed. We will discuss the options with the goal of narrowing the field to one preferred design concept; something we can move forward with. This phase concludes with your selection of a final design to be developed further.

Phase 3 - Developed Design.

Once the final concept design is approved, we will develop it further with additional plans, elevations, construction details and finishes. The complete package will be used for pricing. If necessary, a planning permission application will be submitted to the relevant local authority on your behalf. Other permissions may be required to be sought and we will handle these applications for you. This phase initiates our coordination with various consultants who may be required, such as civil, structural, electrical and mechanical engineers, landscapers and lighting professionals.

Phase 4 - Technical Design.

This is the last step of the design process. We will prepare the technical drawings and finishes schedule for construction. This package generally contains architectural plans, sections, elevations, details and a complete finishes schedule. M&E and structural drawings, where applicable, will be prepared by a specialist. The complete package will be used for final pricing, contract signing and construction. At this stage Building Control will need to be involved. We will assist either by addressing their comments on plan or dealing with them on site. We will source all finish materials linked to the construction process, such as, flooring, tiling, hardware, sanitaryware and also assist with the selection of furniture, fixtures and artwork. 

Phase 5 - Construction

After the construction contract is awarded, the building works begin. We act as your agent on-site, attending site visits and project coordination meetings with the general contractor and other suppliers,  to provide any required design clarifications and to ensure conformance with the technical drawings. We will monitor the progress of works, issue site visit reports and review applications for payment according to the agreed site programme.

Phase 6 - Handover & Close-out

Before final completion, we will work with the general contractor and other suppliers to ensure that any defects are rectified efficiently to the client’s satisfaction. There are forms which are required to be completed at the handover of the project. We can handle all of this and  liaise with any other parties as necessary to ensure everything is covered.

Phase 7 - In use

After completion we will be on hand should any issues arise with the works executed. 

Finally, we at NSDS are extremely proud of every project we carry out. We work with professional photographers to capture images of completed projects and with your approval, we will photograph your project. If you wish, you can also receive a copy of the images.